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Writer's Block: Acquired taste

What is your favorite weird food combination? Have your friends ever tried it or do you only eat it in private?

I eat Cheese Itz and chocalate. I eat it in public I just know if my friends tried it. I don't really think it's that big of a deal it's just junkfood, it's not like I dip Cheese Itz in choclate frosting I just alternate between Hershey bar and Cheese Itz.

Writer's Block: If stains could talk

If an annoying acquaintance got spinach between his or her teeth or an embarrassing salsa stain, would you tell them or let them suffer in shame?
Come on, let's be honest here! Someone elses pain and suffering makes us feel good, it's like in human nature. Plus I would not even have the guts to tell somebody they had a whole bunch of crap in there teeth. So I would guess I would just leave it be, and try not to enjoy it too much : )
Series Title: Lying To Myself
Chapter Title: A Couch Is Never To Small
Author: Rachel (teamboby)
Genre: Romance, Drama, Comedy
Disclaimer: Although I wish on every star I see, I still don't own them.
Feedback: Saves Lifes! Not really but it makes me smile :)
Chapter Summary: Even if it's wrong, who can truly fight hormones?

The whole ride to Rob's I debated with myself, trun around Kristen go home! Keep driving faster, faster! But I couldn't tell which one was right, so I followed my heart speeding to him.

When I got there I ran to the door of his apartment room. I knocked on the door with more cofidence than expected. He opened the door, "Hey Babe." He said, probaly regreting the 'babe' remark as soon as it left his mouth; I had no issues with it at all, actually I loved it.

"Hi Pattinson." Rob smiled as if my voice was the best thing ever.

He opened the door wider letting me in his apartment. "Want a beer?" Rob asked, grabbing himself one.

"Have any liquor?"

He laughed, "Kris will be Kris;" he mumbled trying to compress his laughter while grabbong the liquor and a shot glass. I sat the couch, about a minuite later Robert came and sat by me. He handed me my shot and took a sip of his beer. I took a slow sip of the liquor then gulped down the rest. The liquor was good there was a crip taste to it that imediatley made me crave more.

Rob was staring at with the most unfathomable expression. "What?" I asked smiling, I was being alittle more flirty than I should be.

"Oh, nothing;" He said embarrased.

I took off my jacket, it was getting alittle warm under the black hooded sweatshirt. I dropped the jacket to the floor as I always did. Robert was close to me now, he pulled the strap of me purple cami down my shoulder a tad. I breathed heavley so did he. I should have know wasn't going to stay a friendly buddy gathering for long, boys were just controlled by their hormones. I took off my cami in a rush. he unhooked my bra, I slid it off. We were kissing in frantic need to love one another.

Robert unbuttoned my pants, I undid his. His shirt flew off. And before I knew it we were having sex on his livingroom couch.

Best Day Of 2009 So Far!

I had the best day ever!!!! Sorry to you guys who had a suckish day. My friends (Eve and Alexis) and I started our own "coven" but reallly technically it is just a club. We have stupid nick names and everything!! I am Sunshine, Eve is Apple, and Alexis is Ro-Ro (don't ask I can't explain). It was my friend Mikeala's birthday too, I am invited to her party; Which is good because Catilyn didn't invite me to hers. Wow! it was just amazing today!!! I hope tomorrow is just as great!
Story Title: Missed Calls
Author: Rachel (teamboby)
Genre: Depression, Romance, Drama
Disclaimer: Don't own them I swear!
Feedback: Saves Lifes! Not really but it makes me smile :)
Summary: Just the costant struggle of being in a love triangle.


When I am at a party it is crowded, but it feels empty without Kristen to party with. I go home after the party I am usually drunk. Kristen won’t answer her phone, but I call her anyway. I like the sound of her voice. The look of her smile blows me away. I love when she kisses me, and runs her fingers through her hair. I am vulnerable with her around. She definitely calls the shots, but I don’t care as long as I’m with her.


I didn’t go to the party Rob invited me to. I had good reasoning I swear. I love him way too much; it is starting to get unhealthy. I always think of how he whispers in my ear. I love how is accent comes out very seductive. But the part I hate is the fact I am weak around him. I wish this was not hard. I wish love could come easy. The fact I have to work with him in two more movies (maybe three) was horrifying. I am trying to keep my distance, and he’s not making this easy.

I pick up my phone I see I have three missed calls, all from Rob. I pick up the phone as I am about to dial his number, Michael calls. “Michael?”

He sounded mad when he answered, “Kristen! I thought I told you to stop talking to Rob! I am your boyfriend remember!” I cringed at the word boyfriend.

“Michael I don’t want to get in to this right now.” I say trying to calm him down a bit.

“Kristen, I had enough of the constant worrying that you are still sleeping with that Pattinson guy.” I cringed again, this was too much for me to handle.

“Stop! Stop! Michael stop!” I said panicked almost. “Please,” I said in a smaller voice. I heard Michael take a deep breath and realized he hung up on me.

I collapsed onto my bed, crying. I only knew one person who could cheer me up, Robert. I picked my black iphone. I found him in my contacts, and hit send. I waited for him to answer.

“Hello?” He sounded like he had been crying too.

“Rob, can you come over, please?” I said; you could hear the sadness, the want, the need in my voice. I waited for him to answer.

“Kristen, I would love if you came over. But what about Michael?” He sneered at Michael’s name.

“I don’t want to talk about it.” I said with so much sorrow in my voice he didn’t dare contradict.

“Okay,” he said sounding worried and happy at the same time.

Kristen Stewart||Rob In My Life

Story Title: Rob In My Life
Author: Rachel (teamboby)
Genre: Depression, Drama, Romance
Disclaimer: I don't own Kristen, and as much as I adore Kristen who would want to own a human being?
Feedback: Might stop global warming! Not really but it will make me smile :)
Summary: Kris's day to day life since she met Rob.
                      Sigh, I run my fingers though my hair. I move the cigarette to my mouth, I blow out smoke. Deep breath, sigh. Stare over balcony railing think about jumping, stop I back up and sit back on the balcony chair. Look around realize there’s nothing to see. Close my eyes, hope to see nothing but black. I see Rob; Eyes flutter open. Jam cigarette into ash tray. Stretch, stand up walk to glass door I slide door open. Walk to kitchen, I think of grabbing a chocolate bar; I stop myself. I walk away from kitchen to avoid temptation. I move slowly to bathroom I look in the mirror. Realize I am breaking out, getting older; I look away before I find more flaws. See bed unmade and I don’t care, I move to bed. I plop onto bed think about acting. My mind lingers to Rob, stop. I stand up, move to closet but I stay in sweats. I walk to apartment door, realizing I have no where to go. I grab the keys anyway. Push elevator button, wait. I get in elevator, push button that reads MAIN FLOOR. I get in car as soon as it‘s in view. I drive and drive. I think of Rob, so I speed home. Then the pattern starts again. This is my life since I met Robert Pattinson.

Series Title: Lying To Myself
Chapter Title: Who Cares If It's 2:00 A.M.
Genre: Romance, Comedy, Drama
Disclaimer: I don't own Robert or Kristen, if I did this wouldn't be a FanFic.
Feedback: Would make me as happy as these two are when they are together :)
Summary: Loving isn't as easy as it should be, esipicially when your these two.


“Kristen you don’t have to go.” I said troubled by the fact she was leaving me again. The last thing I wanted was the only person who made me happy to be mad at me. I looked at the sheeting rain on my apartment window. Why was it so hard to keep my mouth shut, to stop talking about Michael the way I do? It only made Kristen mad, I didn’t like when she stormed out of my house a couple nights before and now she is doing it again.

“Rob, I told you if you said one more word and I was gone. I may not have to go, but I want to!” Kristen said while speeding around grabbing her black converse shoes, white ankle socks, red leather purse, black hooded jacket, and the rest of her belongings. I wish she would just leave her stuff and go home, but not for the reasons she is leaving now. I want her to go home and grab the rest of her beloved things. Then come back here and sleep in my king sized bed. I want to rap my arm around her and keep her warm. I want her to kiss me like she does. BANG! The door to my apartment slammed shut. The sound sent chills down my spine. Her words echoed in my brain….I want to! Over and over the words taunt me. I think of the look on her face as I walk slowly to my small, unimportant, bathroom.

I brushed my teeth; I closed my eyes not wanting to see my expression. I took off my jeans and unbuttoned my shirt. I walked to my bed in my boxers. I pulled back the heavy comforter and slid in to place. I closed my eyes but sleep never came. Kristen and I have an odd relationship. We can be laughing and happy, but then I say something or do something that pisses her off. I love her; I have difficulty remembering I shouldn’t love her. But every time it comes to a point I have nothing to do so my mind lingers to her. I love how soft her hair always is and how sexy she looks when she’s having a cigarette on my balcony. I wonder if she notices how much I stare. When I see her my eyes are set on her and I cannot help but glance at her every chance I get.

I give up on sleeping; it is too hard without her here. Walking into the bathroom was a challenge; it was so dark and cold. I think of black holes and how no one really knows what’s on the inside. I get to the bathroom and slip on my jeans and shove my arms through the sleeves of my shirt. I walk to the balcony and pull out a cigarette and a lighter from my pant pocket. I hope the smoke will blind me and keep my mind off Kristen, and of course my plan fails.


I sigh a puff of smoke; I am smoking on the balcony of my apartment again. I am getting tired of lying to myself; I love Rob and the fact I was pretending to love Michael was just pathetic. I wonder what Rob is doing right now. Wait I need stop thinking about him, I thought to myself. I jammed my cigarette into the ash tray and stood up. I slid the glass door open and walked into my apartment. I hate the fact I have no will power. I would probably be over at his place again tomorrow, I am such a pushover. Michael won’t like it if he figures out I am still seeing him on a day to day basis. Ring, ring! I hear my cell phone in my bedroom. “Ugh!” I say not in the mood to talk to anyone, but Robert. I picked up my iphone and answered, “Hello?”

A voice I knew all too well said, “Hey Kristen, I am so sorry.” The voice was sad, tired, and out of energy.

“Rob, I just cannot stand it when you call him names and say bad things about him.” I knew everything I was saying right now was a lie. I didn’t care what anyone said about Michael; I don’t have feelings for him any more.

“I know and I am really sorry. I just forget sometimes;” Rob said.

“I know,” I said too eager to be done fighting.

“Can you come back over?” Rob asked, probably thinking the same things as me.

I looked at the digital clock on my nightstand reading 2:30 A.M. “Robert, it’s 2:30 in the morning.” I informed him, trying sound like I would never leave the house this late; but truth is I would walk across the U.S. just to see him.

“So….” He said, knowing I was just acting.

“Fine, I will see you in a few.”