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Sometimes the hardest things in life we can't explain...

not even to ourselves.

9 December
My name is Rachel,I am 13 and in the 7th grade. I seem to look at life from different perspectives every day,one day I look at life as an adventure the next day I think of it as a disaster. But either way I know who I am.....I love rain,moss is my favorite plant. I want to be a photographer,and I want to adopt a daughter someday. I have a fear of going blind. I love writing short stories and reading short stories. I love twilight and reading anything with an inspiring touch to it. I used to hate school now I love it. My goal is to be optimistic,so I am starting with trying to love my Mom's boyfriend;Will because I can tell my Mom loves him. Well I guess you could just say I am me and that will be hard to change,so go ahead and try.

"I often have diffculty with life itself,but I cope. And I cry myself to sleep,but it is worth it if I get to smile in the morning."-Rachel

Do I Support Robsten? No Duh! And if you don't you seriously don't see chemistry very well.
Do I wish I had a boyfriend like Jasper Hale? HALE YES! If you know a guy tell me. :)
Do I watch twilight so much I know every line? Yes! Quiz Me!
Do I like Harry Potter? the movies...... Don't Kill Me Harry Fan!
Do I want a best friend like Alice Cullen?Yep,I am still looking though.
Am I a klutz? Lets just say I am so talented I trip up stair.
Favorite Subject? Science,MAN! It's Easy!
What do I look like? Kristen Stewart and Emma Watson,no I WISH! I have thick black-brown hair (And that is natural I don't dye),Big Big Big Blue Eyes (but when I am sick or crying my eyes are a blue-gray),Fair Skin and I can't tan so don't say I should,I am 5 feet 3 inches (and proud of it),My teeth are straight and I don't need braces according to my dentist,I am a pretty unusual character I guess.
Siblings?Natalie (11 years old) and Jake (7 years old)
Birthday?December 9th
State and Country? Virginia,USA
Comment Me Any Stupid Question You Want I Will Answer!